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Bonus for every replenishment

100% deposit bonus

Detailed terms of the promotion

1. The “100% Deposit Bonus” promotion is valid until June 30, 2024 for all ONEBID clients.

2. The bonus is activated by the client in his personal account for each deposit of 100 USD or more. The bonus amount is equal to 100% of the top-up amount. The maximum Bonus amount is 5000 USD. Each bonus is valid for 30 days.

3. The bonus can only be activated for STANDARD and ECN accounts.

4. The bonus is credited to the trading account in the “Credit” field, which, like the profit received, is fully available for trading.

5. To prevent abuse of the terms of the Promotion the profit received is available for withdrawal 30 days after the bonus accrual date.

6. When withdrawing funds from a trading account before the expiration of the bonus (30 days), the company reserves the right to write off both the bonus and the received trading result. In this case, the client will receive only his initial deposit for withdrawal.

7. The Bonus amount also maintains the margin level.

8. In case of forced closure of trading orders due to Stop Out, the negative result of the trading account is brought to zero, and the Bonus is written off ahead of schedule automatically.

9. The bonus is debited from the account in full and ahead of schedule if the client is denied further participation in the Promotion due to his violation of the rules of this Promotion.

10. Within the framework of this Promotion, the Bonus is intended solely to increase the Client’s funds available for trading. In order to prevent abuse of the terms of the Promotion, the Company reserves the right, without warning, at any time at its sole discretion, to refuse to credit the Bonus or to write off the Bonus.

11. By joining this Promotion and receiving a Replenishment Bonus, the Client confirms that he has read and fully agrees with these terms of the Promotion and undertakes not to send the Company any claims regarding the rules for using the Bonus or the measures taken by the Company in accordance with these terms.